These two looks are classic and timeless! Using simple accents of ivory and black in the Abernathy Collection really made a lush, romantic and deco/gatsby statement. Meanwhile the subtle blue hues in the Ceylon Collection create a nautical and relaxing retreat that are reminiscent of British West Indies Resorts.

From Eastern Accents, the Abernathy and Ceylon Collections are the kind of look that really make a statement.

From Eastern Accents Site:

Abernathy Collection:

Bring something fresh to your décor with Abernathy, our modern take on Old Hollywood style. In a classic black and cream color palette, this bed is reminiscent of the glamour and exquisite beauty of The Great Gatsby and the roaring ’20s. Stylized plaids and appliqués make this enchanting collection a timeless and effortlessly sophisticated statement.

Ceylon Collection:

Inspired by luxury resorts of the British West Indies, our classic Ceylon will transform your bedroom into an idyllic Caribbean paradise. An ethnic indigo and ivory ikat set the bed set’s serene, eclectic tone. Accessorize with a few decorative pillows, a functional storage ottoman, and matching window panels.

I also pulled the artwork from Barclay Butera, to complete these looks and to give them a spin of my own.

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